Provide First Aid in Remote Situations (HLTAID005)

Locations: Anywhere in Sydney – We are coming to you at NO extra cost (from 2 people) or join our courses at our training centre in Alexandria!

Provide First Aid Course in Remote Situations (HLTAID005) is $225 per person

Classroom session is 8 hours with online pre-study.

Your First Aid Certificate is valid for 3 years.

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Course Details

First Aid Training in remote situations can protect and save lives. Our course will give you the confidence to respond to an emergency situation and we will teach you the relevant skills to administer First Aid when help is further away. Our experienced First Aid coaches are here to help you gain those important skills and you will learn Remote First Aid from the best.

Do you need a Remote First Aid Certificate (HTLAID005) for work or you just want to learn advanced First Aid techniques for friends or family? Completing our Provide Remote First Aid Course will give you the confidence and this could make the difference when it comes to saving someone’s life.

Our course is for all workers who may be required to provide first aid in remote areas and in a variety of situations, like remote workplace settings or within the rural community.

First Aid Coach Sydney’s Provide Remote First Aid Course HLTAID005 is suited for everyone, including:

  • Any worker who’s workplace is in a rural area
  • Teachers who are taking students on excursions
  • Warehouse and manufacturing
  • Constructions workers
  • General health industry workers in rural areas
  • Parents, families, babysitters and carers
  • Sports clubs/groups

We are partnered with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32268).

Training Program

Our course includes 3 components:

1. Pre-study & online-assessment

2. Practical training

3. Assessment for both knowledge & skills

All participants should allow up to four (4) hours for the pre-study to be completed. If you have completed First Aid training in the past, you may be able to finish the pre-study in a shorter time-frame.

Because of the online pre-study, our practical session will take around 8 hours.

If organising group bookings for 5 or more people, please contact us for pricing. We can facilitate you with flexible times for your course – early morning, evening and weekend courses are available at no extra cost. Contact us today for your First Aid group booking.


This course requires every participant to complete a variety of First Aid scenarios including practical assessments like carrying an injured person. If your health/fitness restricts you from completing all required scenarios, you still will be able to participate but may not be eligible to receive the nationally accredited Remote First Aid certificate (HTLAID005).

 Our First Aid Course is designed in plain English and combines text, videos & photos and online exam. We want to ensure that all students have the best possible chance on comprehending all First Aid knowledge and skills. If assistance is required, we are here to help. Please contact us on 02 8021 1547 if you need assistance due to your Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills.


All students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for HLTAID005 Provide First Aid in Remote Situations after successfully completing the course with us. This unit includes HTLAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, HTLAID002 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support and HLTAID003 Provide First Aid. The 4 Units of Competency will be recorded on your Statement of Attainment.

All First Aid certificates will be emailed to students within one business day after successfully completing the course. Hard copies and wallet cards will be posted within 10 business days at no extra cost.

Course Locations

All courses are run on-site, which means we will come to you (from 2 people) – anywhere in Sydney – 7 days a week. There’s no need to make special arrangements to travel to a training facility or you can join our public First Aid courses at Green Square Library in Zetland.

Online pre-study requirements

Online pre-study requires access to a computer and internet connection. Students have to successfully complete the online study before joining us for the practical part.

Cancellation policy

We do not cancel any courses. Once you booked and we confirmed the course with you, we will run the training for you.

If you have to cancel the course, we are happy to reschedule at no extra cost.

USI Number Requirements

All students completing nationally recognised training from 1. January 2018 need to have a USI Unique Student Identifier. For more details and to create your USI go the Government USI website

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The course includes:

  • Assessing emergency situation
  • Contingency planning
  • Provide CPR to adults, children and infants
  • Creativity in first aid
  • Automated External Defibrillator training (AED)
  • Responding to an unconscious person
  • Airway management
  • Evacuation
  • First aid procedures for bleeding, burns and fractures
  • Shock and anaphylaxis
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Safety in extreme climates
  • Soft tissue management
  • Management of bleeding
  • Head and spinal injuries
  • Managing medical emergencies such as spider and snake bites, poisons and choking
  • Emergency shelters
  • Managing exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Administering first aid for eye & soft tissue injuries
  • Assessing and moving sick & injured
  • Stroke, diabetes and seizures 
  • Communication equipment
  • In Case of Death
  • In the field scenarios

Key Features

> Provide First Aid in Remote Situations (HLTAID005)

> Course Length 5 hours (eLearning available)

> Nationally accredited 

> Certification valid for 3 years

> First Aid training conducted at your workplace, sports club, and home

ONLY $225 p/p

Our course in Provide First Aid in Remote Situations (HTLAID005) will give you the confidence in offering help in case of an emergency situation in an isolated area. We will train you the latest rescue techniques and how to respond to a variety of First Aid scenarios. You will develop skills in how to conduct a primary and secondary assessment, provide CPR and resuscitation, plan an evacuation, work in extreme climate and provide shelter for the injured person. 

Successfully completing the Provide First Aid Course in Remote Situation will give each student a certificate of attainment which is valid for 3 years and nationally accredited.

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First Aid Coach will run all courses on-site. We will come to you, anywhere in Greater Sydney. First Aid Coach offers its courses in Parramatta, Campbeltown, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney, South Sydney, North Shore and the Northern Beaches.

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First Aid Coach Sydney offers First Aid training courses. We conduct our courses at your workplace, sports club or home, anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area. Minimum requirement per course: 2 participants 

We are partnered with The First Aid Group, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32268).


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